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August-September 2017

Back to the Future

The Victorian swing bridge at Folkestone harbour is a heavy, solid piece of traditional rail engineering, built around a central turntable to allow ships of any height into the port’s central harbour. Read more

PCE International

April-June 2015

Innovative architectural designs and demand for increased functionality are driving new developments in architectural coatings, with energy efficiency and self-cleaning being added to requirements such as anti-graffiti. Read more

Railway Strategies

Monument Subway

London delights in contrasting the old with the new, especially when it comes to rail. Refurbishment of the pedestrian subway at Monument Tube station, just across the Thames from the towering glass of the Shard at London Bridge station, is the latest example of the trend. Read more

Protective Coatings Europe

QEII Bridge Refurbishment

100 years after the Titanic went down, Belfast is paying its respects to the most famous ship in history with major construction and refurbishment projects. Read more

Institute of Corrosion

January 2014

The London Tube network fights a never-ending battle with corrosion, as environmental conditions and heavy wear combine with age. As 2013 saw the 150th anniversary of the Metropolitan Railway - the worlds first underground railway – one Underground renovation project has won awards for exemplifying the theme of “heritage with strength’. Read more

London Highways Alliance Contract

June 2015

In 2014/15 Structures Operations took on board a greater delivery of minor capital interventions, working with LoHAC’s supply chain: CBS Ltd, Rhinoceros and Connectel Ltd to design and implement. This involved simplistic, mainly aesthetic works to enhance the look and feel of structures which would have otherwise fallen under the radar. Read more

Ringway Jacobs

Monument Subway Bulletin

Following a recent visit from the Considerate Constructors Scheme (CCS), the site at Monument Subway received a very favourable report. Read more

Corrosion Management

QEII Bridge Refurbishment

One of Belfast’s road bridges is about to emerge from major refurbishment, a challenging job completed against tight deadlines. Read more

latest news

Albany Park Fencing

Rhinoceros Ltd are working on the restoration of the 120 year old railings along Turkey Br... Read More

Lastest Case Study

Case Study: The Chine

The Chine, located in the Grange Park suburb near Enfield was laid out du... Read More

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