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Why Should I Use TiO2 Nano-Coatings?

Pollution Reducing

TiO2 Nano-coatings have been proven to reduce the following regulated pollutants from the air and also from water running over coated surfaces into drains

Levels of these pollutants in the air are now regulated both by EU and our own government. We collected data on NO2 concentrations for 9 different locations in London and found all of them were over the annual mean limit.

Self Cleaning

Not only do our coatings reduce pollution but they are also self cleaning! This is achieved by breaking down the bond between the surface and the dirt. The dirt can then be easily washed away by rain - just imagine the savings from cleaning costs!


The coatings come in a selection of colours, including a fully transparent version, which can be applied to things such as monuments - to reduce stone cleaning costs. So with that knowledge you can begin to imagine the endless applications, so we've listed but a few below to get you started

Pollution Reducing Self Cleaning

Still not convinced about TiO2 Nano-coatings?

Have a look at the how do TiO2 nano-coatings work page to find out more, and if that's not enough to sway you then have a look at the proof.

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