Case Study: The Chine

The Chine, located in the Grange Park suburb near Enfield was laid out during the first decade of the 20th Century. Builder and developer Richard Metherell,   purchased the Grange Park Estate from Lord Currie in 1906. The Chine crosses over Salmon Brook not far from Grange Park Station which was opened in on the 4th of April 1910. The bridge is approximately 110 years old.  Although the main deck had been replaced in 1984, this did not include the original steel edge beams, and these were showing signs of corrosion., the concrete copings were crumbling and the red brick parapets were exhibiting  signs of water penetration through the copings with a number of spalled bricks and missing mortar joints. A large diagonal crack was visible through the north east wing wall.

We removed the crumbling copings and took down the top 4 courses of the parapets. These were rebuilt using similar red bricks to the existing. The road sides of both parapets were cleaned and re-pointed. We installed new coping stones cast specifically for this bridge.  This work was carried out in the summer of 2019.


Further work was delayed due to bad weather and high water levels in the Salmon Brook passing under the bridge. We returned in the spring of 2020 when the water level was low and constructed a small scaffold platform to access the north east wing wall.  We took the existing wall back down to the concrete base in the river bed. This we then rebuilt using a strong red imperial brick and back filled with 10mm concrete and rebar.


Later we returned and with scaffold platforms suspended across the river we removed the existing coatings, rust and scale, from the steel edge beams using Garnet abrasive and the Quill Falcon wet blast system back to clean steel. We applied 100 microns of Jotun HB Penguard epoxy primer, 200+ microns of Jotamastic HB intermediate coat and followed this with two coats or 70-80 microns of Jotun Hardtop XP in BS 381C 210 Sky Gloss. Overall Dft readings in excess of 320 microns were achieved.


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Case Study: The Chine

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