Self Cleaning Coatings


As more facilities in the Olympic Park open up for the public, Rhinoceros were tasked with adding specialist coatings to the climbing wall and nearby panels close to the Aquatic Centre. 

Keim Soldalit Grob primer followed by Keim Soldalit, a multi-purpose, silicate exterior paint, was applied to the exposed surfaces of the new pre cast concrete climbing wall.



In January 2008 year we put got permission to put up test panels on both sides of the road at the western end of the Blackfriars Underpass, London. These test panels were covered one half in our TiO2 Nano-Coating and the other half left uncoated.

Shown right is what these panels looked like less than 4 months after we put them up. The left hand side is un-coated, and the right hand side is coated in photocatalytic TiO2 - need we say more?

Keeping the Westway Clean. We have carried out a number of contracts to clean and brighten up sections of west London beneath the elevated A40. Keim Paints Granital and Lasur have been applied to the pressure cleaned concrete soffits, columns and beams which support this iconic elevated motorway into central London.

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