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We have been applying anti-graffiti coatings of various types for over 25 years. 

The best anti-graffiti coatings are  based on tough moisture curing polyurethane or two pack poly-siloxane coatings. Graffiti can easily be removed from these surfaces using wipes impregnated with solvent or a citrus based cleaning agent and washing off with water. We have been applying this type of coating to street furniture as part of the RHINOCEROS Anti-Flyposting System for 20 years.  We have also successfully applied this to brick walls on housing estates in London. These coatings can be applied to most substrates and previously coated surfaces. We have been coating pedestrian subways across London and in Edinburgh with a polysiloxane coating. Both Transport for London and Edinburgh City Council are very pleased with the results. In 2008 and again in 2010 we removed all the graffiti from retaining walls and underpasses along the M40 for Carillion.


Recently we applied the poly-siloxane coating  to all of the subway walls around the Imax cinema at Waterloo for Transport for London. See the Imax Cinema London case study for more details. This same coating has now been applied to subway walls across central London.  We have applied the Dacrylate Marguard water washable anti graffiti coating to retaining walls for bridge along Raynesway Park Drive in Derby. Two busy subways in Maidenhead have been given the Rhinoceros anti-graffiti treatment using PPG Polysiloxane as a finish coat. Blackfriars Underpass in central London has also been given the Polysiloxane treatment. The high retaining walls along the Archway Road in north London were coated with a clear polysiloxane coating which has proved to be extremely durable. For the 2012 Olympics we applied Pavix CC100 and Ekosorb as an anti graffiti coating to all the steps, walls and seating around the Olympic Stadium.

Olympic Park anti-graffiti coatings

Wednesday 06 June 2012


Final preparations at the Olympic Park are naturally going ahead full-blast.  RHINOCEROS were called in to protect walls, benches, stairs, ramps and street furniture with anti-graffiti coatings to ensure the legacy continues to look its best.  

Protection was achieved by application of Pavix CCC100 Concrete Impregnation and Ekosorb to precast and poured concrete items


Whatever your graffiti removal or prevention needs, RHINOCEROS has the expertise to solve your graffiti problems!

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