Anti-Flyposting Coatings

RHINOCEROS developed the first and original anti-flyposting system, which is now used worldwide to combat flyposting. So if you are looking to combat flyposting, however big or small your job is - look no further as you have found the very people who devleoped this system.

The coating system is extremely tough and durable, cabinets coated over ten or even fifteen years ago remain free of posters and often still with a good degree of gloss on the anti-graffiti coating. The system comprises a high adhesion primer, followed by a high profile textured coating and is finished with two coats of a very tough clear anti-graffiti glaze. The coating can be overcoated with a required colour before glazing, or, if sufficient numbers of cabinets are involved, the texture coating can be produced in a specified colour. All components of the system are manufactured in the United Kingdom.

The coating system can also be applied to plywood hoardings around building sites and to bridge walls where fly-posting is a problem.

We have been applying this system to street furniture for 18 years and it is still the best and only 100% effective system against fly-posting in the world.

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We first developed anti-flyposting coating systems in 1991. The initial trial was carried out for the Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames and monitored by the Department of Transport Traffic Systems Control Unit. 15 heavily posted traffic signal control cabinets were first cleaned and the anti-flyposting system was applied to these. After 15 months no fly-posters had been applied to these cabinets and the system was granted approval by TCSU. The DoT issued an instruction to local authorities which stated "traffic signal controller cabinets the property of the secretary of state for Transport but maintained by the local authority should be coated with the Duncan MacLean Anti-Flyposting System" The business grew rapidly following upon this successful trial and endorsement. Traffic signal controllers in almost every major town and city in the country from as far north as Inverness and Aberdeen and as far south as Penzance in Cornwall, west in Swansea and east to Norwich were coated with this anti-flyposting system.


We went to the Netherlands where the system was quickly adopted by Highways authorities in Arnhem, Nijmegen, Eindhoven and subsequently to many towns and cities across the Netherlands. We were invited to Buenos Aires where we carried out some work over ten years ago, We have been invited back to spearhead a contract to coat some 3000 cabinets across that city. We have been in New York where we introduced the system to the American authorities and coated all the street furniture in Times Square and Fashion Business Investment Districts.

More recently we have been involved getting a project in Budapest going to coat all the lamp columns in that city with the anti-flyposting system. We have also carried out work on the city centres of Essen , Cologne and Wuppertal in Germany.


This system was used in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets on a Pay Back Scheme (community service project) funded by the EU which saw offenders being taught to remove posters and stickers from cabinets and being trained to apply the initial coats to the cabinets. The system was also employed on a Metropolitan Police project to get crime off the streets of Soho some years ago. Every cabinet, signpost and lamp column and meter post was cleaned and coated with this system Just about every post, cabinet and pole including meter pole was covered from the ground up to 2.5 metres or more with many layers of stickers and posters. All the major roads and streets in Westminster, Kensington and Chelsea have been cleaned up with this system. All of the cable cabinets in Kensington & Chelsea have also been cleaned and kept free from posters with the anti-flyposting system.


We even played our part in helping to win the 2012 Olympic Games for London. All of the street furniture, cabinets, lamp columns, signposts etc from Vauxhall Cross along Nine Elms Road, Battersea Park Road to Wandsworth and back along the A3 all the way to London Bridge was cleaned and coated with the anti-flyposting system, some 19 kilometres of road, in just 17 days in time for the IOC inspection which travelled this route. We also painted some 650 lamp columns and 5 kilometres of pedestrian guard railing in the same period.

Shoreditch Triangle

Under the Better Streets initiative for Transport for London we have transformed the streets around the Shoreditch Triangle.

All lamp columns, signposts and other street furniture has been cleaned and coated with a unique low profile anti-flyposting system.



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