The Highway retaining walls

Albany Park Fencing

Tuesday 06 July 2021

Rhinoceros Ltd are working on the restoration of the 120 year old railings along Turkey Brook running through Albany Park.  

On what had been College Farm, and allotments purchased by Enfield UDC and Trinity College Cambridge, the park was created circa 1902, probably so named to commemorate Prince Leopold, Duke of Albany, the youngest son of Queen Victoria.

Further additions of land were made to the park in 1921, 1926 and 1935 when it reached its current size, this last parcel of 4.75 acres procured by Enfield Borough Council with the help of a grant of £1,100 from the King Georges Fields Foundation. In World War 2, the railings on Bell Lane were removed for the war effort and the park was used for growing vegetables.

The Rhinoceros team have straightened damaged and bent bars and replaced broken or damaged sections using bar from adjacent sections of the fence no longer required.

All old paint has been removed from the remaining bars and the cast iron posts. Mechanical surface preparation to clean steel or iron has been followed with a zinc rich primer. This will be followed with an epoxy intermediate coat and a final coat of Thames Barrier Alkyd gloss in black.

The work is expected to be completed by the end of July to co-incide with the re-opening of the park following extensive landscaping and re-routing of the Turkey Brook. 

Access & Directions:
Enfield Lock railway station is on the West Anglia Main Line, it is in Enfield Lock in the London Borough of Enfield, London. It is 11 miles 65 chains (19.0 km) down the line from London Liverpool Street and is situated between Brimsdown and Waltham Cross. Its three-letter station code is ENL and it is in Travelcard zone 6. The station and all trains serving it are operated by Greater Anglia.Enfield Lock was the main station for the Royal Small Arms Factory until its closure in the late 1980s, and now serves the large housing development on the site known as Enfield Island Village, as well as the nearby Innova Science and Business park.

History Notes:
Enfield Wash was where Elizabeth Canning (later married name Treat; 17 September 1734 – June 1773), an English maidservant claimed to have been kidnapped, held in a hayloft for almost a month and threatened with prostitution.

These events became one of the most celebrated English criminal mysteries of the 18th century, and a cause celebre at the time. Magistrate and author Henry Fielding was consulted on the matter. Mother Wells house was opposite the Sun and Woolpack public house, formerly the Sun and Punchbowl.

The United society, the first friendly society, began to meet in the Sun and Woolpack inn, Enfield Wash, in 1794. The road crosses Turkey Brook at the Woolpack Bridge, where there was a footbridge from the 17th century, but it was not until 1821 that a proper bridge for carts was provided by the Turnpike Trust that managed Enfield Highway. The road at Enfield Wash, and the settlement, was known as "Horsepoolstones" until the 18th century.

Turkey Brook was also known as Maiden Brook and sometimes Wash Brook.According to legend, Bell Lane is haunted by a phantom coach. It is reputed to appear on moonless nights before Christmas, and to travel several feet above the rThe London Outer Orbital Path (Section 17) follows the course of Turkey Brook which flows west–east through the park.


Newbury Avenue Bridge works

Friday 30 April 2021

A Rhinoceros team has completed Remedial Painting to Newbury Avenue Bridge. 

Works included removal of rust and scale, abrading areas of corrosion back to clean steel and lightly abrading areas of sound paint. Following, the team applied Primer to bare steel, intermediate coats to all surfaces, and finished with Gloss - colour similar to the existing.


Street Furniture refreshing in South London

Monday 22 March 2021

Several RHINOCEROS teams have been busy smartening up street furniture through many parts of Wandsworth with fresh paint jobs. We are applying Margard Easyclean Low Profile Anti Flyposting coatings up to 2.4m, and the rest is finished in black gloss.

Renewed CHAS membership

Monday 22 March 2021

Rhinoceros has completed annual renewal of its CHAS membership through to March 2022. And in the meantime, several of our teams are busy refreshing paint jobs on street furniture through Wandsworth, Clapham, Battersea, and the Earls Court Road.

Barrowell Green

Thursday 04 February 2021


Shear bolt replacement using 6mm round steel bar at Barrowell Green. The rebar has been primed with zinc phosphate primer yes the painted sections.
The shear brackets are in 6mm diameter round steelbar (these are the oval sections in picture 3 tying the rebar together, lots of them).
The original ones had corroded in many places completely away.


New River Bridge Repairs

Wednesday 13 January 2021

The New River, opened in 1613, backed by James 1, was built to supply the City of London with clean drinking water from Chadwell Springs and the river Lea near Ware in Hertfordshire. The river carried water 28 miles to New River Head in Clerkenwell where it filled a cistern known as the Round Pond near Sadler’s Well’s Theatre. On 9 January 1622 the King rode out to see the ice on the New River and fell in, having to be rescued by his companions. In 1946 the New River was terminated at the East reservoir in Stoke Newington. The entire waterway was built on a gradient of 5 inches per mile by following the contours. Initially, in some places the river was carried in wooden aqueducts lined with lead and supported with strong timbers and brick piers. In 1985 the New River Aqueduct was constructed to carry the New River over the M25. This consists of two 90 metre long boxes 4.25m wide and 2m deep. The twin construction allows diversion of the waterflow to allow maintenance.

Where the New River tuns through the borough of Enfield it crosses beneath a number of major roads and many smaller roads and streets. Many of these bridges were replaced during the 2oth century. Some of these were constructed using reinforced concrete beams. As a result of damage to and failure of waterproof membranes and courses some of these steel reinforced beams have become corroded and in places there is extensive concrete spalling.

An experienced team of Rhinoceros operatives have been working from a shallow flat bottomed workboat to repair these bridges. Damaged areas of concrete are located by hammer and visual testing. These are then broken out to expose the corroded re-bar within. In some cases we have had to replace the shear ties which were either badly corroded or missing. The re-bar is cleaned up by both hand and mechanical abrasion and primed with a zinc primer. Some formwork is constructed in order to re-form the original shape of the beam. Repairs are carried out using Sika Monotop 412N a pre mixed repair mortar with high strength and which is applied by hand and packed in around all the rebar and ties to a minimum depth of 50mm. A strong (2:1) mix of sharp sand, Ordinary Portland Cement with Sika 1 waterproofer is then applied in successive layers to build up to the original depth of the beams.

Knight's Lane culvert and overflow chamber

Friday 18 December 2020

Inspection of a culvert beneath the site of the old Edmonton Town Hall (above), demolished in 1989, identified a number of areas of concrete spalling in the soffit and loss of mortar to brickwork.

A Rhinoceros Ltd bridgeworks team trained in confined space working carried out repairs during October and November to this culvert and to the overflow chamber which is situated beneath the pavement on Fore Street. Repairs were carried using Sika Monotop 412N repair mortar. This material has good adhesion and slump  properties and is suited to building up soffits and areas where no formwork can be used. Sika MonoTop®-412 N is a fibre reinforced, low shrinkage repair mortar for repair of spalling and damaged concrete in buildings, bridges, infrastructure and superstructure works. Suitable for structural strengthening increasing the bearing capacity of the concrete structure by adding mortar.

The site is rich in local history. The crenelated perpendicular Town Hall was originally built to the designs of George Eedes Eachus in 1884, and extended in 1903. The building was further enlarged in 1902-3 by W. Gilbert Scott, who added public swimming baths (later replaced by Edmonton Green Swimming Pool in 1970.

The Town Hall was demolished in 1989. Knights Lane, running down one side of the site, became a car park in front of the shopping centre and Asda supermarket. The culvert runs below the lane and out under Plevna road at the rear of the shopping centre.

Lea Valley Road bridge over TWA Lane

Monday 26 October 2020

This job was to address spalled concrete and corroded rebar within the eastern abutment wall of the Lea Valley Bridge over the Thames Water Authority (TWA) Lane.
We broke out concrete (1,2) from around the corroded rebar to an extent over 30 metres. The existing rebar was cleaned up  to bright steel. About 15 metres of rebar displayed excessive material loss. 18 metres of new 20mm rebar was installed and electrically bonded this to the existing rebar. 73 Sikashield Compact anodes were placed and wired into the existing rebar structure. Connectivity of anodes and new rebar to existing was checked and confirmed as being less than 1 Ohm.  A slurry primer of OPC and Hydrated lime was applied to all surfaces and especially the rebar. Sika Monotop 412N was  packed in around the rebar and the anodes carefully to leave no voids. This was built up layer by layer (3,4) and floated off to match the existing finish. It is expected that this installation of anodes will extend the life of the abutment by several years.

Lee Navigation Bridge repairs

Tuesday 29 September 2020

We were instructed by Enfield Council Highway Services Department to carry out surface preparation and remedial painting to exposed corroded sections of beams on the bridge carrying Lea Valley Road A110 over the Lee Navigation canal at Ponders End Lock.
This bridge was built in 1963 by the Cleveland  Bridge and Engineering Company.
Work started on the beams at the eastern abutment wall on the east towpath on 14 August using an aluminium access tower, small generator and 110v power tools. On 21 August scaffolding was erected along the towpath adjacent to the western abutment. On 24 August we commenced work on the western abutment bearing shelf. 
Once accessed it became apparent that there was much more extensive corrosion to the ends of the beams on the south and north sides of the bridge and in the centre. Using a small breaker and needle gun attachment together with abrasive flap or mop discs, hammer and chisels we worked for two weeks to remove all the rust and scale from the corroded beam ends and bearings. We discovered that the concrete beam above was cracked with several areas showing exposed corroded rebar in one place over 6 metres.
 When all areas of rust and corrosion had been abraded back to clean steel, blown free from dust with compressed air and wiped down with solvent ang rags we applied the first coat of Jotamastic 87 epoxy primer.   We then washed down all sound paint on the beams using hot water and Zenith Traffic Film Remover Detergent Other than the ends of the beams and the lower face of the bottom flange the remaining surfaces were practically free from corrosion. These surfaces were lightly abraded with orbital sanders and 80 grit abrasive discs.  Once sanding was completed we removed all dust with a hot water pressure wash.
Additional coats of Jotamastic 87 were applied in strip coats and full coats to achieve dft readings from 200-250 microns. We followed this with a stripe and a full coat of  Jotun Hardtop XP  in BS 381C 172 Pale Roundel Blue.
Once this was completed we commenced work on rebuilding the concrete beam where we had exposed, abraded and primed the rebar.

Southend Street Furniture painting

Monday 07 September 2020


Rhinoceros are now applying Thames Barrier Coatings TC266 (a two pack polyacrylic enamel with excellent adhesion properties) in a 50% gloss level black to bollards, benches, lamp columns and planters in Southend. 
The work includes surface preparation and application of Jotun Jotamastic 87 followed by a Jotun Hardtop XPL low sheen white gloss to improve the light reflected from within the 8 Corten columns.


Lee Navigation Bridge

Wednesday 19 August 2020

A Rhinoceros team ahs started work on refurbishment of the Lee Valley Navigation Bridge (LBE 055).  Works are to include carrying out remedial painting to beams and bearings where water leaking front pavements above has been causing localised corrosion, resulting in extensive rust and scale. 

Work started mid-August and is expected to complete in mid-September. Methods to be used are Hot Water pressure wash to remove dirt and pigeon droppings, followed by mechanical abrade tio St3 on corroded areas, and power sanding of sound paint. Application of Jotamastic 87 as primer and intermediate coats will be followed by Jotun Hardtop XP in BS 381C 172 Pale Roundel Blue.

Posh Parking at Tops Fireplaces in Southend

Wednesday 12 August 2020


A Rhino team have completed work at Tops Fireplaces - the project included restoration of an existing wall and coping stones, re-instatement of drip channels and casting of new coping stones along a radiused wall. 

Works completed at the Chine

Tuesday 14 July 2020

The Rhinoceros team carrying out bridge refurbishment at The Chine have completed the works. The project included rebuildong of a wing wall in matching reclaimed imperial bricks, and strengthening with concrete and rebar behind. The last phase of the job was to blast clean and repaint the two main supporting beams.
Before: After:


Brixton Road Anti-Flyposting (2)

Sunday 21 June 2020


Our team has completed an Anti Flyposting ptoject to street furniture on Brixton Road.
In all we applied the Marguard Easy Clean Anti Fly Posting System to 48 lamp columns including some ornate columns. 73 Traffic L:ight Poles, 38 signposts 21 cabinets and feeder pillars 61 cycle stands and other items of street furniture on Brixton Road from junction with Coldharbouir Lane up to and including the junction with Stockwell Road.


Brixton Road anti-flyposting

Tuesday 19 May 2020


A Rhinoceros team took on the flyposting along Brixton Road. Many years ago we were one of the first London companies to use anti-grafiti adn anti-flyposting coatings on street furniture.
For this project we applied the Marguard Easy Clean Polysiloxane, requested by TfL, over a 2 pack aluminium primer and an epoxy MiO intermediate coat.
We expect this system to have a life to first maintenance of 8-12 years. We are applying this to all lamp columns, traffic light poles, signposts, cabinets, feeder pillars and cycle stands. We will also overpaint the graffiti on the bridge and bridge pier.


Gants Hill

Tuesday 19 May 2020

Our team have finished work on the subway system at Gants Hill in Ilford. We  cleaned, using our hot water pressure washer, the 5 subway entrances and parapets, then washed all the parapets and pedestrian guard railing. We abraded all unsound paint and rust back to sound paint or clean steel. Zinc rich primer was applied to all clean or bare steel. We used Thames Barrier Micaceous iron oxide with a gloss finish in Ral 7004 Signal Grey. In all we cleaned and painted over 600 metres of parapets and guard rails.




The Chine

Tuesday 19 May 2020

RHINOCEROS operatives have completed works at The Chine, near Enfield.  The project included rebuildong of a wing wall in matching reclaimed imperial bricks, and strengthening with concrete and rebar behind. The works were carried out in April while water levels were unusually low.


Waterloo Road Retaining Walls and subway soffit repairs.

Thursday 14 May 2020

Our teams have completed works at Waterloo Road subway, including repair of retaining walls and subway soffits.


Constructionline Silver certification

Friday 21 February 2020

We are pleased to announce that Rhinoceros have been granted the status of Silver membership by Constructionline, the industry platform to find accredited suppliers.  Constructionline validates all members, providing buyers with a pool of high quality suppliers that they can confidently engage with.

The Constructionline website manages the prequalification process on behalf of buyers, validating all members against PAS91 criteria and beyond. All accreditations are easily visible and searchable on the platform.


Putney Vale fencing

Tuesday 31 December 2019

A Rhino team have completed pre-Christmas repairs to safety fencing along the A3 in Putney Vale (near junction with Roehampton Lane). In total we replaced 468 feet of 8 x 2 rails with new sustainably grown english oak 8 x 2 with a chamfered weather top edge, using stainless steel M8 coach bolts.

Firs Lane bridge

Tuesday 03 December 2019

Rhino have completed repairs on a badly spalled and corroded T beam on the bridge carrying Firs Lane over the New River in Enfield.  Materials used were RBS 
Epoxy mortar and Thames Zinc Phosphate primer. Works were carried out from the river surface using a small workboat supplied by The Rothen Group.

Olympic Stadium service road

Friday 29 November 2019

Rhinoceros, working on behalf of Eurovia Contracting, have just completed works at the Olympic stadium.

This work was carried out in an effort to brighten up the service road and make the pillars more

visible and reduce collision damage.

Coatings applied were a mist coat followed by two full coats of Dulux Weathershield smooth

masonry paint in RAL 1018. Preparation required washing down with warm water and sugar 

soap, rinse off and allow to dry." 33 columns in total were painted.

Bridge over Salmons Brook

Wednesday 06 November 2019

Phase One of works to a bridge carrying The Chine over the Salmons Brook in Enfield N21 2EE is currently being wrapped up by a Rhinoceros team.

This phase included taking down existing damaged parapet walls, and rebuilding using matching or similar red bricks and fabricating and installing new coping stones.

The works were delayed first by flooding in September requiring take-down of the scaffolding, and again in October due to delays in the fabrication of the coping stones by the supplier.

The new year will see our team carry out phases 2 and 3, to repair a wing wall when water levels are low enough to permit this, and to blast clean and repaint the two edge beams which are badly corroded.


Enfield Council Highways Structures

Thursday 29 August 2019

"Tough Jobs Need A Heavyweight Approach" is part of the Rhinoceros mission statement, so we should not have been surprised when we get called in for jobs that the faint-hearted might avoid.

A contract this summer for Enfield Council Highways Structures included remedial maintenance work on two bridges, and took us at our word.

At Conduit Lane flyover the Rhinoceros team did an effective job of dealing with corrosion to steel beams caused by water penetration from above. 


And the nearby Smeaton Road Royal Small Arms Depot Causeway needed a thorough cleaning job to remove dead birds, litter and clothing discarded by local tramps before the steel corrosion could be addressed. Our teams had to design and fabricate special long handled scrapers to remove the rust and scale from the ends of beams which offered less than an inch of clearance from the concrete walls before painting could be started. Severely limited access meant they also had fit themselves into areas that would have challenged the great Houdini. Inspection of the completed coatings (with flexible lenses to check the tight spots) showed they had done a thorough job. 


Millfield House Footbridge, Enfield

Wednesday 01 May 2019

Rhinoceros have completed surface preparation on the iron bridge at Millfield House, Enfield. Preparation was done to St3 and followed by applicationof a Jotun paint system - Penguard HB primer to 100 microns, Jotamastic 87 Intermediate coat approx 200-250 microns and two coats XP Hardtop in BS 381C 223 final dfts in excess of 300 microns. An innovative fibre reinforced plastic deck, manufactured by Polydeck of Bristol, was then installed. 


A close-up of the new decking:

Millfield House Footbridge, Enfield

Friday 05 April 2019

Rhinoceros are starting work on the refurbishment of Millfield House Footbridge for Enfield Council. Works include removial of the entire existing deck, followed by surface preparation and application of  a Jotun paint system to all of the steelwork including the parapets. Finally the project will include installation of a new bridge deck and timbers made of a composite material. This is the start of a series of bridges Rhinoceros will refurbish for Enfield Council over the financial year.

Vauxhall Bus Station roof

Wednesday 27 March 2019

A Rhino team has just completed repairs to the stainless steel roof of Vauxhall Bus Station. The works included taking up, straightening and re installing 10mm stainless steel sheet which was buckled.

Upper Thames Street tunnel

Monday 18 March 2019


A Rhinoceros team has installed two steel doors and ventilation panels to the Upper Thames Street tunnel plant room. The doors bring  increased security and fire protection. The doors were fabricated by Sunray Doors in Ashford Kent.


Folkestone Swing Bridge inspection

Friday 19 October 2018

Following final inspection of the Folkestone Harbour Swing Bridge, Rhinoceros engaged Tyne Rope Access to complete minor touch-ups of the historic structure. Work was completed by a combination of harness work and floating platform to reach spots on the underside of the structure at high tide.


Harold Court Subway repairs

Friday 19 October 2018

Following damage to the recently refurbished Harold Court Road subway under the A10, caused by an arson incident involving a motorscooter, a Rhinoceros team have now completed repair works. The incident had damaged the anti- skid surfacing, ceramic tiling, anti graffiti coatings as well as intumescent coatings on the soffit. These have now all been re-instated as new, along with the installation of new drainage guttering.


Cast iron bridges completed

Thursday 13 September 2018

A Rhinoceros project for Enfield Council has completed restoration/refurbishment work on 6 cast iron bridges across the New River in Enfield, all in accordance with English heritage guidelines.

Careful work was done to passivate corrosion of the cast iron ribs and to provide a paint system that will give a reasonably long life to first maintenance. Jotun products used included Penguard HB,Hardtop XP, Jotamastic 87 and Jotamastic 87 GF, a glass-flake-reinforced epoxy mastic. Hitec PumaGrip Type 1 was used as a non-slip pavement coating for pedestrian areas.

"Very pleased with the overall protection and condition"

Thursday 13 September 2018

Following expiry of the defects liability period of the Rhinoceros refurbishment work on the Folkestone harbour viaduct and swing bridge, Folkestone Harbour conducted a review of defects/ snagging to the viaduct and swingbridge with the following conclusion:

"We are encouraged that Folkestone Harbour are “very pleased with the overall protection and condition with very few issues”.

this is following the 12 month inspection of the works to identify any signs of poor workmanship or coating failures."

Enfield Cast Iron bridges

Tuesday 01 May 2018


Rhinoceros are preparing to begin a series of remedial works to 6 cast iron bridges across the New River in Enfield. The bridges, all to be treated as listed, will be repaired in accordance with English heritage guidelines.

The works have been commissioned by Enfield Council, and specify that special attention is needed to correctly passivate corrosion of the cast iron ribs, and to select a paint system that will give a reasonably long life to first maintenance.

While each bridge had specific requirements, repairs will include scaffolding where needed to provide working surfaces, removal of old paint and rust by grit/sandblasting and/or wire brush, repair and paint. Handrails in some areas are also to be refurbished and repainted. Wood clad abutments in some areas are to be replaced with brickwork/concrete.


Harold Court Road Subway

Friday 27 April 2018

A Rhinoceros team working for Ringway Jacobs is putting final touches to the refurbishment of the Harold Court Road subway system, passing under the A12 just before it meets the M25.

Fires, graffiti, vandalism and wear and tear prompted TfL to order major refurbishment works, starting in November. Some of the worst damage had come from two motorscooters which had been set on fire in the subway, resulting in flames shooting out on both sides of the road.


And old French rolled asphalt surfacing was removed and a new 50mm waterproof concrete screed laid. The fire damaged anti-skid coatings was removed from the barrel floor using a concrete planer. A new anti-skid surface was installed.  

Over 750 damaged wall tiles were removed and replaced, and protected with a new anti-graffiti coating. Badly damaged coping stones to the parapets on both sides of the subway were repaired. A galvanised steel chicane was installed at the bottom of the Western ramp to slow any cyclists, and to inhibit  illegal  motorcycle traffic..

See the full case study here

Harling House offices

Thursday 23 November 2017

Rhinoceros have started a project on the 4th floor offices at Harling House in Great Suffolk Street, SE1 for Ringway Jacobs. 

The works include removal of partition walls, glazed screens, air conditioning plant and pipework and stripping out kitchen fittings and appliances. Boiler and lights are to be replaced, and a wall rebuilt between two areas. Ceilings, walls, woodwork, pipework etc. are to be make good and redecorated. We will also be renewing all flooring with carpet tiles, and re-instating an original door entry system.


Items to be removed/taken down include all boxing in around air con tubing,

air conditioning units and pipework, and partition walls and glass panels in several areas. All kitchen and tearoom appliances, worktops and wall units are to be removed, along with ceramic wall tiles, glazed hardwood doors, and ceiling lighting units. Also to removed are the security system, data cabling and trunking.

A new partition wall will be erected.

All surfaces where items are removed will be made good and painted, also

Pipework, window reveals, skirtings, and radiators. New lighting units will be fitted, and carpet tiles and lino will be removed and replaced with new.

Harold Court Subway Refurbishment

Thursday 23 November 2017

A Rhinoceros team has started work on refurbishment of the subway system at Harold Court Road, under the A12 Cambridge Road in North London.

The scope of works includes removal of existing surfacing including mastic asphalt, removal of damaged ceramic wall tiling, followed by concrete screeding and anti-skid surfacing and concrete repairs. The job will conclude with surface preparation and painting.


A pedestrian barrier is to be erected on the westbound ramp, landings and barrel floor to permit access while asphalt is removed.

Floors will receive a 30mm concrete screed, followed by coating with Ronacrete Resin and application of RonaDeck Resin Bonded Surfacing and RonaDeck Resin Bonded Surfacing Aggregate. BlackJack bitumen will be applied to gulleys and upstands. Damaged wall tiles will be removed and replaced.

Handrails and Parapet Railings will be coated with zinc rich primer and epoxy intermediate coat , then finished with a polyurethane top coat in DoT grey.

Soffits are to be prepared and coated with Steelguard primer and

Steelguard 851 Intumescent paint.

New GMS Cycle Chicanes, new mirrors and refixing of loose stair nosings will complete the job.


Folkestone Harbour viaduct and swing bridge opens

Friday 01 September 2017

A press preview day has inaugurated the Folkestone Harbour viaduct and swing bridge, shortly to be followed by full opening to the public. The project is a central feature of the regeneration of the town harbour front and Creative Quarter, and provides public access along the old rail line to the long harbour bar.

Rhinoceros teams have contributed over 25,000 hours of work including blsating, brickwork and steel repairs, and re-coating of the iconic swing bridge.




Folkestone Swing Bridge and Viaduct press feature

Friday 11 August 2017

The Rhinoceros project on the refurbishment of the historic rail swing bridge and viaduct are featured in the current edition of PCE, the Protective Coatings magazine. Click above the see the article

Folkestone swing bridge coating

Wednesday 24 May 2017

The Rhinoceros teams working on the iconic restoration at Folkestone Harbour, including viaduct and steel swing rail bridge, are now well advanced on coating of the bridge itself. Work on extensive brickwork repair to the viaduct is complete, as is blast cleaning and priming of the steel structure. An intermediate coat is now being applied.


Folkestone Harbour Viaduct and Swing Bridge update

Monday 27 March 2017

The Rhinoceros team at Folkestone Harbour Viaduct have completed blast cleaning and priming to Span 1 and have now commenced work on Span 2.

Steel repairs have also started on Span 1, while bricklayers are now working on Spans 4, 5 and 6. They expect to start work on Span 3 imminently when the scaffolding is erected.

Gainsborough Road Footbridge

Wednesday 08 March 2017

Works are now wrapping up on the Gainsborough Road Footbridge across the A12 in Leytonstone.

The old aluminim nosings had failed and become trip hazards. As part of a series of minor works for TfL, Rhinoceros replaced the nosings. Works included removal of old nosings, cleaning the steel and installation of new 6mm GRP nosings on a bed of trowelled epoxy repair mortar.


Folkestone Harbour Bridge works move along

Tuesday 14 February 2017

Work on the Folkestone Harbour Viaduct is progressing well, with brickwork repair and repointing now reaching halfway along the main viaduct sections.

In the meantime, blasting is now also underway on the Victorian swing bridge in preparation for repairs and re-coating of the badly corroded ironwork .

Rhinoceros teams, working for main contractor Grahams, are making the most of a mild start to the Spring.

Folkestone Harbour Viaduct brickwork

Wednesday 21 December 2016


Above: The old and the new. Work on the Folkestone Harbour viaduct is progressing well with Rhinoceros teams repairing badly decayed brickwork along the first spans, as seen in the photo below.

Main contractor Garhams are meantime removing asbestos and preparing the steel swing bridge for blast cleaning and recoating, to be carried out by Rhinoceros in the New Year.


Folkestone Harbour Viaduct

Tuesday 13 December 2016

Work is now underway on the Folkestone Harbour Viaduct refurbishment.

Work has started with needle guns, lump hammers and chisels to remove rust ans scale from the swing bridge.

Meanwhile 8 of our bricklayers are making good progress repairing spalled and chipped bricks and repointing on the surfaces which have been exposed to the relentless erosion from wind and waves.



Fokestone Harbour work starts

Tuesday 29 November 2016

Work has now started on the listed Folkestone swing rail bridge and railway viaduct. 

The Folkestone Harbour viaduct was built in 1843 by the South Eastern Railway Company, and was designed by William Cubitt, Chief Engineer of the line. The structure crosses the harbour with 13 arches (one arch to the north of the harbour, on the west side of the viaduct, is hidden by the adjacent jetty access ramp).

Folkestone Harbour Swing Bridge - - 1004295

Photo:(Stewart Marchant [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons)

The swing bridge, also included in the restoration project, was designed in 1930 by George Ellson OBE MICE, Chief Engineer for Southern Railway. It is composed of three main longitudinal girders and sits on a brick base with stone quoins. The base is original to an 1893 bridge on the site, which itself replaced an even older swing bridge. When operational, the current bridge was swung by means of an electric capstan on the wharf and a rope, and the lifting and locking mechanisms were hand operated.


Folkestone Harbour Swing Bridge and Station - - 1136057

Photo:Elaine Webber [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

The branch and harbour station provided a rail connection for boat trains from London which connected with the ferry services to Calais and Boulogne. They closed to regular passenger train services in 2001 although the line and station continued to be used by the Venice-Simplon Orient Express and railtours until 2009. The line was officially closed on 31 May 2014.

A Rhinoceros team has now begun re-pointing and brickworks repairs to the viaduct, working under main contractor Graham Construction. The Rhinoceros project includes blast cleaning and repainting the swing bridge.

The restoration project of the former railway infrastructure is part of a major redevelopment of the Folkestone seafront, and will create new public access from the northern side of the harbour. 

Folkestone Harbour development

Sunday 23 October 2016

Rhinoceros will soon be starting work on restoration of the listed Folkestone swing rail bridge and railway viaduct. 

Restoration of the former railway infrastructure is part of a major redevelopment of the Folkestone seafront, and will create new public access from the northern side of the harbour. The railway itself was officially closed by the Department for Transport last year, The overall project includes more than 1,000 homes and 10,000 sq m for retail use. 

Rhinoceros, working under main contractor Graham Construction, will be blast cleaning and repainting the swing bridge, and also carrying out brickwork repairs and repointing to the 11 arches of the viaduct. Work is expected to start early December.

The Folkestone Harbour Company has appointed Mr. David Crump, who has previously worked on the Wembley Park and Greenwich Peninsula redevelopments, to lead planning and delivery of the project.

Mr Crump says the plan is intended to trigger a full range of social and economic benefits for the town. The project received a boost last year with a £5.1 million grant from the Regional Growth Fund, after plans were formally approved in January 2015 by Shepway District Council.

The former harbour station will be retained as a major access route on to the Harbour Arm and development.

Wandsworth Roundabout

Wednesday 19 October 2016

Work on the Wandsworth Roundabout subway system is close to completion. Rhinoceros teams have been working on the project since July, as part of major improvements works.

See the case study here

Wandsworth Roundabout

Thursday 07 July 2016

Rhinoceros have won a new contract for works on subways at the large Wandswoth Roundabout system.

The job includes renewal of drainage, installation of new DDA compliant double handrails and DDA compliant stair nosings, and concrete repairs. Works will begin imminently.

Turkey Street and Bullsmoor Lane subways

Friday 08 January 2016

Demolition works at the Turkey Street and Bullsmoor Lane pedestrian subways under the A10 has been completed over the Christmas period, with both sites prepared to receive new render.

The project is part of the ongoing works by Rhinoceros for TfL to renovate a series of pedestrian subways along the A10 and A12 dual carriageways, which have included trials of innovative cladding and coloured render in an effort to give a fresh look to the area as well as restore structural integrity to the wall surfaces.


New A10 subway works start

Tuesday 15 December 2015

Rhinoceros have started work on refurbishment of another pedestrian subway beneath the A10. The subway is at the A10 junction with Bullsmoor Lane, Enfield.

Works will include replacement of render to retaining walls with waterproof render on Stainless Steel EML, installation of DDA compliant handrails, surface preparation and painting of parapets and soffits, and installation of GRP stair overlays.


A10 Enfield Crematorium footbridge anti-skid completed

Tuesday 17 November 2015

Works on renewal of the anti-skid coating on both stairs of the A10 footbridge at Enfield Crematorium have been completed by Rhinoceros. The job also included recoating both stair towers and their balustrading.

After removal of the existing anti-skid, the towers were blast cleaned, primed and re-coated  The new paint system is HA spec, using PPG epoxy and two pack polyurethane paints, specifically Sigmacover 690, 456HS and Sigmadur 550.

The works are part of a £4bn TfL road modernisation plan. The bridge span is due to be blast-cleaned, primed adn re-coated after the winter.

Below: renewal of the anti-skid coating, the final part of works on the stairs. 



Anti-skid renewal on A10 footbridge

Wednesday 23 September 2015

Rhinoceros have started work on anti-skid renewal on the A10 footbridge at Enfield Crematorium, crossing one of the busiest road sections in the Borough.

Tasks are to remove existing anti-skid, blast clean, prime and renew anti skid plus surface, and to prep and clean steelwork. The damaged metal balustrading panelling will also be replaced, cleaned and repainted and galvanised steel mesh panels in the balustrading may be renewed.

Matt Sercombe, TfL Head of Tunnels and Structures, has been quoted as saying: “Our £4bn Road Modernisation Plan will deliver a range of road improvements, including these essential works on the A10 Great Cambridge Road. This maintenance work will ensure we have safe, reliable and cared for streets for our customers.”

Trinity Road subway, Wandsworth

Friday 29 May 2015

A Rhinoceros team are supplying anti-graffiti coating to the Trinity Road subway in Wandsworth for main contractor Ringway Jacobs.

The subway was recently shotblasted back to white concrete to remove both graffiti and several layers of previous attempts to paint it over.

The new coating is PSX 700 polysiloxane Clearcoat by PPG, which provides long-term protection and has excellent graffiti removal qualities.

Hoe Lane subway repair and renovation

Thursday 14 May 2015

Remedial work and repair on the Hoe Lane pedestrian subway for TfL is now nearing completion.

The project is in part a testbed for to find the best solution to the effects of long-term water penetration in retaining walls on several of the subways along the A10 Great Cambridge Road. 

Read the case sudy here

Innovative panelling on trial for Subways

Thursday 12 March 2015

An innovative panelling system is being trialed on water-damaged subways in North London. Rhinoceros are working on a series of refurbishments along the A10 Great Cambridge Road for Ringway Jacobs and TfL. See the case study here. 

Wood Green Library fascia

Tuesday 10 March 2015

Application of the new concrete facade on the 5-storey Wood Green Library by a Rhinoceros team has been completed. 

The project required 65 tons of concrete to complete approximately 650 square metres of facade.

The exterior upgrade follows extensive interior refurbishments by Haringey Council including painting and decorating, new flooring and a deep clean from top to bottom as well as more books, better access to computers and a revamped business lounge.

See the case study here

Alton Road handrails

Thursday 06 November 2014

RHINOCEROS are currently installing DDA compliant double handrails at Alton Road in Wimbledon. The rails, replacing an older wooden design, are supplied by Grainger Tubolt and marketed under the Interclamo band. Fnish is powder coated black.

Hampshire Bridge inspections passed

Wednesday 05 November 2014

Bridge parapet works carried out by RHINOCEROS last year recently passed their 12-month inspections, with no defects found. The bridges, at Finchampstead (above) and Coxheath, are now protected by a coating system which both Hampshire County Council and RHINOCEROS are confident should last well past the first maintenance period. 

Holdenhurst bridge anti-skid

Wednesday 05 November 2014

Renewal of an anti-skid coating has been completed on the Holdenhurst footbridge, on the A338 outside Bournemouth. The coating completes work by RHINOCEROS on the Bridge for Hampshire County Council. The project has included removal of moss and grime, surface preparation by mechanical abrading to St3, and installation of a galvanised steel cycle ramp to comply with recent EU requirements.

Wood Green Library

Tuesday 30 September 2014

Rhinoceros were recently awarded the contract to put a new concrete facade on Wood Green Library. The Library has been in poor exterior decorative condition for quite some years since all the old tiles were removed. The 5-storey building is a local landmark and is being brightened up as part of regeneration efforts in the area.

Cambridge Road footbridge

Friday 26 September 2014

Rhinoceros have been painting supporting steelwork for a new deck to the Great Cambridge Road Footbridge in North-East London, part of a series of minor works for main contractor Ringway Jacobs for Transport for London. The Cambridge Road site has required grinding, priming, undercoating and glossing of the existing pedestrian bridge system.

Hedge End Footbridge

Wednesday 25 June 2014

Extensive refurbishment of the Hedge End footbridge system in Southampton has been completed. 

Hampshire Country Council commissioned the work as part of a series of Bridge works across the county, the third consecutive year that Rhinoceros have won contracts from HCC.

The project required high pressure cleaning, followed by abrading to clean steel or sound paint and repainting with HA protective coating system. Cleaning however revealed that previous coatings were substandard, and in liaison with the Council-appointed paint inspectors it was determined that large sections of the supports, parapets and handrails should be taken back to bare metal before new coatings would adhere.

See the story here


Maidenhead Town Centre subway refurbishment and anti-graffiti

Tuesday 08 April 2014

A Rhinoceros team has been carrying out repair and anti-graffiti work at the West Street and High Street subways in the centre of Maidenhead. The work, for Windsor and Maidenhead Highways and Engineering Unit includes surface preparation to sound paint or substrate. Priming with Sigmacover 640LT followed by two full coats of Polysiloxane PSX700. Walls in 08B15 Magnolia, soffits in white.

Subterranean hole-fix news

Wednesday 02 April 2014

RHINOCEROS has been busy completing essential maintenance work underneath the A10 and A12.  This work is part of an ongoing project to refresh the pedestrian subways running below main arterial roads leading North from the centre of London.

RHINOCEROS was commissioned by Ringway Jacobs, main contractor for TfL, to dig deep into the team’s knowledge bank of concrete repairs and refurbish a series of subways which are showing their age. Water ingress and seepage through retaining walls has damaged decorative tile fascias and concrete in some areas has begun to decay. Handrails and parapets at many of the subway entrances are also in need of repair and recoating. High levels of rainfall in recent months has increased the need for urgent action.

At Gants Hill tube station certain tunnels were regularly threatened with surface water overflow.  New gutters have been dug to increase the drainage capacity and tiling is also being restored around the affected areas.

Under the A12 at Whalebone Lane, and at several similar subways, work is in hand to repair retaining walls, repaint soffits and handrails, and renew expansion joints. Temporary repair of decorative tiling in some places has already been done, in preparation for new decorative finishes to be applied later in the year.

Olympic Park Climbing Wall

Thursday 27 March 2014


As more facilities in the Olympic Park open up for the public, Rhinoceros were tasked with adding specialist coatings to the climbing wall and nearby panels close to the Aquatic Centre. 

Keim Soldalit Grob primer followed by Keim Soldalit, a multi-purpose, silicate exterior paint, was applied to the exposed surfaces of the new pre cast concrete climbing wall.



National Railway Heritage Award for Rhinoceros restoration of Monument subways

Wednesday 04 December 2013

Award winner!

Rhinoceros has been awarded the National Railway Heritage Awards 2013 trophy for Craft Skills for our completed restoration project at Monument Tube station subways.  We were nominated for the First Group Craft Skills Award, along with projects at Glasgow Central Station and Marylebone Station.

The award, sponsored by First Rail group, was announced at the National Rail Heritage Awards annual celebration dinner. It recognises craftsmanship skills in the use of materials and/or modern technology in the repair or conservation of an historic railway or tramway building or structure in any ownership.

See details of the Monument project here.

Equestrian Subway in Walthamstow Forest

Tuesday 01 October 2013

An equestrian subway under the North Circular at Waltham Forest is our latest project. Besides years of soil from muddy hooves - and other contrbutions from the horses - concrete and brickwork retaining walls were suffering from deterioration, as well as extensive grafiti and general damage.  After digging down to open up the clogged drain covers and removing accumulated dirt, we are now repairing the walls and removing grafiti, prior to complete recoating.


Works start at Grange Road footbridge, Eastleigh

Tuesday 27 August 2013

Repainting of the Grange Road footbridge at Eastleigh, Hants., is the latest of an ongoing series of bridge works by RHINOCEROS for Hampshire County Council. The work, started this week, includes high pressure 200 bar clean, followed by abrade to clean steel or sound paint and repaint with HA protective coating system.

Finchampstead Bridge refurbishment

Monday 12 August 2013

RHINOCEROS started work on the refurbishment of Finchampstead Bridge on the Hampshire/Berkshire border, between Camberley and Reading. The contract is part of a series of bridge refurbishments for Hampshire County Council. Finchampstead Bridge runs over Long River. just north of the village of Eversley Cross. The first stages, of stripping old coatings from the metal parapets and railings and repair to badly corroded steelwork, is well underway. 

Hampshire Bridge contracts

Wednesday 31 July 2013

Hampshire Country Council have awarded two contracts to Rhinoceros for bridge and parapet painting.  One contract covers Grange Road Footbridge in Hedge End, the other includes 10 bridge parapets and beams in Eastleigh, Easton, Finchampstead and Fleet. This is the third year that Rhinoceros have won contracts from HCC.

Farcet Bridge works completed

Monday 22 July 2013

Works at the 1914 road bridge at Farcet near Peterborough are now completed. The bridge carries heavy agricultural traffic as well as local commuters: wear and tear had forced strengthening works and rebuilding brickwork in the retaining walls. Cambridgeshire County Council brought RHINOCEROS in to refurbish the bridge, including over 1km of repointing.  

Steel beams supporting the road were found to be suffering from corrosion, with cracks in 2 out of 5.These were repaired by grinding out and re-welding before re-concreting. 

Before spray concreting the repaired beams, they were pre-shuttered by RHINOCEROS once material breakout, shotblasting and priming were complete. Retaining walls on the river approaches to the bridge were repaired by replacing large sections of crumbling brick with new Staffordshire Blue engineering bricks, and expansion joints were cut in. Repointing included both under-bridge areas and external-facing walls.

Sector 19A/ ISO9001 renewal

Monday 08 July 2013

Sector 19A / ISO 9001:2008 approval for another 3 years was awarded to RHINOCEROS this week following a quality audit by Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance.  

Our works in the last year within the sector (corrosion protection of ferrous metals by industrial coatings, directly applicable to blast cleaning and industrial painting of highways structures) have included numerous bridges, subways, retaining walls and supports - in addition to our projects on high-profile sites such as the Olympic Park and the Monument Tube station pedestrian subway system.

Farcet Bridge, Cambs refurbishment and strengthening

Friday 28 June 2013

Improvement to Farcet Bridge over the River Nene in Cambridgeshire are proceeding on schedule. Cambridgeshire County Council commissioned RHINOCEROS to repair and replace damaged brickwork and repair concrete around the main beams, and repoint over 1km of the Staffordshire blue brickwork. The bridge has remained open during works. 


holdenhurst bridge

Monday 10 June 2013

Work is progressing well on the renovation works on Holdenhurst Bridge on the main approach to Bournemouth. Surfaces have now been fully prepared and recoated, and a galvanised steel cycle ramp has been installed. The project is to be completed with the addition of a large 'Welcome to Bournemouth' sign.


ISO 9001:2008 quality audit passed

Thursday 06 June 2013

Major RHINOCEROS projects in Belfast and Bournemouth were audited by Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance for the purposes of our ISO 9001:2008 certificate renewal.  Our commitment to quality management was validated and the audit was passed with no issues. 

 The LRQA report, based on site visits and audit of records, states:” The system is adequately maintained against the requirements of both the NHSS 19A scheme and ISO 9001: 2008.

“Adequate records were available to demonstrate implementation of the relevant requirements. Site visit to Holden Hurst Footbridge –Bournemouth demonstrated good adherence to sector scheme requirements. There were no non conformities raised with regard to certificate renewal activities.”

Farcet Bridge works begin

Thursday 09 May 2013

The parish of Farcet near Peterborough traces its history beyond the time of Edward the Confessor. Farcet Bridge, which carries road traffic over the River Nene, is a later addition but has nevertheless survived over 100 years and two world wars. It is now the subject of improvement works just started by RHINOCEROS on behalf of Cambridgeshire County Council. The bridge is built of brick and concrete and current works will include concrete repairs around the main beams and elsewhere, replacement of damaged brickwork and repointing all the brickwork. The job is expected to be complete in approx 6 weeks, and the bridge will be kept open throughout with 24 hour a day traffic management in place. The work will strengthen the bridge and also include preparation work for traffic calming measures which will be installed at a later date.   

Holdenhurst Bridge works report

Friday 26 April 2013

RHINOCEROS works on the Holdenhurst footbridge on the busy A338 into Bournemouth are proceeding on schedule. RHINOCEROS started refurbishment works in on April 18th, to include removal of accumulated moss and grime, Surface preparation by mechanical abrading to St3, installation of a galvanised steel cycle ramp to comply with recent EU requirements, and the installation of a large "Welcome to Bournemouth' sign.

The contract manager Bill Prendergast is using this project to get some of our younger staff trained on the ICATS industrial painting programme. This is an industry wide initiative of which Rhinoceros is a founding sponsor to improve and streamline training of people working in surface preparation and painting of highway structures.

Ringway Jacobs office refurbishment

Tuesday 23 April 2013

RHINOCEROS completed an out-of-the ordinary job for RINGWAY JACOBS - a complete refurbishment of their control centre for North-East London in Bow. 

The job included stripping out old walls and flooring and and installing modern office fittings, and incorporating the new video wall monitoring operations across the North-East of London - all without interrupting the busy command hub which remained operational throughout. Before and after photos show the difference, and the new control centre in operation.


Holdenhurst Bridge works underway

Friday 19 April 2013

Works are now underway on the Holdenhurst Footbridge over the A338 Wessex Way in Bournemouth. RHINOCEROS are conducting the refurbishment, which will include new signage welcoming visitors to Bournemouth. An H&S inspection was carried out this week by AM Safety Specialists, reporting no adverse points, and points of good practice including toolbox talks and clothing. The job is progressing well and on schedule.

ISO 9001: 2008 audit validation

Tuesday 09 April 2013

Lloyds Register Quality Assurance have completed an external audit of RHINOCEROS ISO 9001: 2008 compliance, with full validation of our standards and operations. 

The Evaluation and COnclusions found:

The management system has been well maintained during the approval period. There were no adverse trends with regard to internal audit findings.....
No complaints on file for the period.
Objectives for the QMS have been well managed via the management review process.
Overall the QMS continues to be developed in a focused way; all documentation and records are available electronically.
No changes foreseen leading up to the cert renewal and for the next approval period, both in terms of Organisation and overall strategy. Risks associated with the operation remain unchanged with regards to challenging economic environment. NHSS 19A approval to be maintained. 
Documentation requirements.
ISO 9001: 2008 documentation requirements were reviewed; Quality manual, policy and objectives are in place. Mandatory procedures are also in place.
Documented QMS is in line with requirements.

Farcet Bridge contract award

Monday 18 March 2013

RHINOCEROS has been awarded the contract to repair Farcet Bridge, Peterborough by Eurovia for Cambridgeshire Highways Alliance. The works include concrete repairs to the bridge elevations, beams, deck soffit and wing walls, and general brickwork repairs to the elevations, abutments and wing walls,as well as the installation of a temporary vehicle restraint system and signage.

Footbridge contract award

Friday 15 March 2013


RHINOCEROS are pleased to announce work will start shortly on refurbishment of the Holdenhurst Bridge, a footbridge over the A338 Wessex Way in Bournemouth.
The project, worth approx £162,000, includes substantial traffic management on the dual carriageway and the supply and installation of a large Welcome to Bournemouth sign. The bridge renovation entails cleaning, surface preparation to St3 and repainting with epoxy intermediate coat and polyurethane top coat (HA items 115, 116 and 168), as well as complete removal of the existing anti-skid coating on the deck and step surfaces, and application of a new anti-skid coating system. Also included is the installation of a galvanised steel cyclewheel channel to improve crossing with a bicycle.

ICATS Supervisor Training completion

Friday 22 February 2013

RHINOCEROS coatings expert Bill Prendergast has completed the ICATS Coating Supervisors Course.

After a long career in the coatings industry Bill is a keen supporter of the training now available.  

The Coating Supervisor Course was developed to help Coating Supervisor's gain a thorough understanding of their roles and responsibilities, improve awareness on health & safety and environmental legislation and gain an insight into coating technology, coating specifications, inspection technique and equipment and paint related problems. It covers:

Railway Strategies magazine features RHINOCEROS Monument restoration

Thursday 07 February 2013

London delights in contrasting the old with the new, especially when it comes to rail. Refurbishment of the pedestrian subway system at Monument Tube Station, just across the Thames from the towering glass of the Shard at London Bridge, is the latest example

The prestigious RAILWAY STRATEGIES magazine this month features a large article about RHINOCEROS' recent project for Transport for London and the Corporation of London. Having been nominated for a heritage award, the refurbishment embodies the concept of Heritage with Strength. Monument Tube station survived a direct hit in the Blitz and another direct hit from a London bus: with it's new underpinnings it is well set up to survive the 72 million passengers per year who use the station.

Blackfriars Underpass refurbishment

Tuesday 05 February 2013

Blackfriars Underpass was opened in 1967 by then Transport Minister Barbara Castle, relieving pressure from overloaded streets bordered by layer on layer of historic sites. Motorists travelling between the City and West End probably wouldn't want to think of life without it, but a thorough refurbishment was well due. RHINOCEROS are happy to announce completion of the £100,000 contract.

The project required replacement of 150 large faience tiles and 6 granite coping stones to match the existing structure. 127 metres of expansion joint sealant had to be replaced, and the 228 sq metres of retaining walls re-rendered and painted in light blue anti-graffiti coating. Stainless steel cappings to the faience tiles were added and approx 15 metres of coping stones relaid to complete the job.


Rhinoceros Paint Inspector awarded Trainer qualification

Monday 28 January 2013

Congratulations to Bill Prendergast, Rhinoceros' expert paint inspector, who has been awarded ICATS Trainer certification. Bill has a lifetime of experience in the coatings industry, starting from his early years in Southampton shipyards and covering just about every aspect of coatings application. There's not much he doesn't know about the industry.

Rhinoceros chosen by Ringway Jacobs in London Highways Alliance contract

Thursday 24 January 2013

Rhinoceros have won a £250,000 office refurbishmant contract to build operation control rooms for Ringway Jacobs new contract with Transport for London North East region. Ringway Jacobs have won an 8 year contract with TfL under the London Highways Alliance scheme to maintain the roads and structures in the north east region, worth approx £500m. Rhinoceros will continue to work with Ringway Jacobs in maintaining highway structures under this contract.

The NE region includes London Boroughs of  Newham, Waltham Forest, Redbridge, Barking & Dagenham and Havering. It is one of the four areas TfL and the London Boroughs defined under the London Highways Allliance, in a scheme designed to save over £450m and provide around 250 apprenticeship opportunities. It should also encourage more than £2bn of investment in road infrastructure while leading to more consistency in the quality of works and materials used, and minimising disruption by encouraging more efficient practice and co-ordinated working.

Dana Skelley, Director of Roads at TfL, said: 'Investing in a transport network that is safe, reliable and customer focussed for all road users is a core part of the work that TfL does day-in, day-out. 'These new contracts will allow us to further deliver this work in an efficient manner through joined up working with other London highway authorities, ensuring greater value for money and delivering a better road network for all.'

Rhinoceros on Google Earth

Monday 14 January 2013

Rhinoceros achieves world-wide fame with a photograph on Google Earth, capturing our preparations for repair and maintenance on the flyover and undperass

Praise for Monument Subway project

Monday 17 December 2012

We received the following message about the Monument Subways project recently completed fro Transport for London (see the case study here)

"It has been a real pleasure working with such professionals as yourselves and the teams you worked with!

I cant remember being part of a scheme where the clients (all of them!!!) were so happy about the completed works.

The subway looks amazing and you should be really proud – I really hope that we work together in the future.

Thank you again for all your hard work"

Sylvia Andonopoulos | Project Engineer - PMC Tunnels & Structures
TfL Streets

The Highway retaining walls

Monday 19 November 2012


The Highway in London's East End is one of England's original Roman roads. Transport for London now look after it and RHINOCEROS were happy to send a cohort to repair retaining walls at its pedestrian subways.

Transport for London small works

Monday 19 November 2012


Continuing works for Transport for London, RHINOCEROS teams have been repairing steps to subways at Hyde Park Corner.

Blackfriars Underpass anti-graffiti

Monday 19 November 2012


RHINOCEROS continues works on the busy Blackfriars underpass next to the Thames: here the first of three coats of an anti-graffiti system are applied to the rendered walls to the underpass approaches. 60% of the replacement tiling and about 30% of the expansion joint sealant renewal have now been complated.

ISO 9001:2008 assessment pass

Monday 17 September 2012

We are pleased to announce both the validation and approval of our ISO 9001:2008 compliance with flying colours, and approval of our Health and Safety standards from CHAS.  
Our ISO 9001: 2008 assessment states: "A satisfactory level of compliance with requirements of ISO 9001:2008 was demonstrated in all areas during the visit.  The visit to the site showed good management of the project in all respects.  The requirements od NHSS 19A continue to be maintained".
The assessment further states: "Projects are satisfactorily managed and electronic project files are well designed. These files were adequately maintained.  There were no adverse customer feed back issues noted during the visit.  Performance against stated objectoves continues to be upheld.
Areas for management attention: None."

Monument Subways reopen after major refurbishment

Thursday 19 July 2012

Pedestrians crossing the busy intersections by Monument tube station will be happy to have full access restored and our workmen gone.  But we hope they will be even more happy with the fully refurbished condition of the subway system.  Major  works by RHINOCEROS have just completed, bringing a sadly decayed series of dingy tunnels back to thieir 1930's Art Deco glory.  The project was brought to the front burner after a double-decker London bus had demolished the granite parapets at one street entrance (thankfully with no serious injuries).  Under the banner 'Heritage with Strength' RHINOCEROS teams strengthened weak walls, stripped away and replaced all the 1930's tiles (with replacements made by the original manufacturer), replaced or refurbished all granite plinths, rewired and replaced all lighting, repaired all stairways, repaired or replaced brass handrails, and - the final flourish - commissioned replacement London Underground roundels (above).  Keen students of London transport will be quick to notice that where new signs were needed, they follow the original 1930's design.  See more in our Case Studies section.

Bow Road Interchange

Wednesday 27 June 2012


RHINOCEROS teams were called out to deal with graffiti and apply fresh coatings to the overpass supports and parapets at the busy Bow Road interchange over the A12.  Late-night working was needed to schedule closures on the busy aproach to the Blackwall tunnel.

Olympic Park anti-graffiti coatings

Wednesday 06 June 2012


Final preparations at the Olympic Park are naturally going ahead full-blast.  RHINOCEROS were called in to protect walls, benches, stairs, ramps and street furniture with anti-graffiti coatings to ensure the legacy continues to look its best.  

Protection was achieved by application of Pavix CCC100 Concrete Impregnation and Ekosorb to precast and poured concrete items

Westway overpass painting

Tuesday 05 June 2012


The Westway overpasses, dating as far back as 1970, have often become graffiti magnets, and general wear and tear is also showing.  RHINOCEROS were asked to coat this one with Keim Lasur paint - a sol-silicate one-component paint for translucent or opaque thin layer coatings and known to be an especially economical preventive concrete protection.   The job was managed with minimal disruption but to a high standard which greatly upgrades the area.

Protective Coatings Europe magazine feature

Thursday 24 May 2012

PROTECTIVE COATINGS EUROPE magazine features RHINOCEROS' recently completed refurbishment contract on the Queen Elizabeth II Bridge in Belfast - read the full article here.

Old Street soffits

Thursday 24 May 2012

RHINOCEROS was called in to refurbish the soffits at Old Street station.  The condition of the concrete and coatings had deteriorated and required an extensive repair.  The RHINOCEROS removed decayed coatings with disbonder, re-sealed gutters, filled holes in the soffits, then painted metal plates with a zinc rich low-VOC primer and white gloss.  Cleaning the glass skylights is returning light and freshness to the area.  


Friday 18 May 2012

Welcome to our latest newsletter featuring projects and our latest news.  Click on a picture to read the page.

Corrosion Management feature on QEII Bridge refurbishment

Tuesday 01 May 2012

Corrosion Management magazine featured RHINOCEROS' work on the Queen Elizabth II Bridge in Belfast - a major refurbishment project.  Read the full article here.

Monument Pedestrian subways: North Barrel opens

Saturday 28 April 2012

RHINOCEROS is pleased to annouce the opening of the North Barrel of the Monument Pedestrian Subway, outside House of Fraser.  This is the first phase of the project to reach completion, and includes stairs to street level.  Old tiles, originally made in 1935, were badly cracked and stained and underlying brickwork and concrete was badly damaged in places.  The faience tiles in stone colour and contrasting detail stripes were commissioned from the same original manufacturers and required expert work since long horizontal stretches had to be matched with a complex underground topography.  The refurbishment includes a complete refurbishment of parapets and plinths at street level.  The first stage of the concrete has been completed to schedule whilst maintaining full pedestrian access through the busy subway system with access to Monument Tube.



Blackfriars underpass

Friday 06 April 2012

As part of London's 2012 Olympics preparations, RHINOCEROS were brought in to tackle the cleaning and refreshing of the Blackfriars underpass at Blackfriars Bridge.  The four-day Easter Bank Holiday provided just enough time to take on the cleaning job, and since time windows were so tight the same area was simultaneously being worked on by 2 different road maintenance contractors.  Grimy concrete and brickwork is showing up well after pressure-washing and elbow-grease, and the project gives a big upgrade once finished.


Queen Elizabeth Bridge Belfast

Wednesday 14 March 2012

Blasting has been completed to phases 1 and 2 of the bridge. painting is nearing completion on phase 2 and we start blasting on phase 3 this week. The work has proceeded as planned and is scheduled to complete in early April.

Rhinoceros a Considerate Constructor

Sunday 11 March 2012

Following a recent visit from the Considerate Constructors Scheme (CCS), the site at Monument Subway received a very favourable report. Along with receiving a score of 33.5 out of 40, the site was described in the report as:  “being run in a well organised & considerate manner with excellent work practices & good logistical planning to ensure high levels of satisfaction for all affected parties.”  The site also did not score less than 4 out of 5 in any of the eight categories.The refurbishment work on The Monument subway is due to be completed in June, and once complete the subway will have been returned back to its original state.

The Subway, first built in 1936, has not been substantially changed since. The new heritage scheme, developed in coordination with City of London and London Underground, intends to refurbish the subway to its original condition using specialist British contractors, including the same British tile manufacturer, Shaws of Darwen,  who supplied handmade tiles colour matched to the originals.  Consultation and expertise on all painting and finishing aspects of the subway has been provided by Rhinoceros.

Cost saving Conservation

Monday 05 March 2012

Rhinoceros crafstmen have completed a 10 week project to clean, repair and re-polish the granite plinths dating from 1935 outside Monument Tube Station. These plinths around the entrances to the pedestrian subways had suffered considerable deterioration and damage over the77 years since they were installed. A number of vehicles including two London buses have collided with and damaged the 1.5 metre long granite stones weighing several hundredweights. During WW11, in 1944, a bomb was dropped on the road above the subways causing considerable damage.  Using traditional stone mason skills and natrural materials , crushed granite and marble, Rhinoceros craftsmen have restored the original beauty and lustre of these stones. This work has saved the City of London tens of thousands of pounds by removing the need to replace the stones with new granite.

Heritage Strength

Saturday 25 February 2012

Rhinoceros completed the pour of C50 concrete to form a re-inforced beam around the entrance to exit 5 of the pedestrian subways at Monument station today. The 14 metre re-inforced concrete beam has been designed by Jacobs engineers to minimise the consequences of a vehicle impact. Two such incidents have occurred at this spot in the last few years. The beam will be finished with a terrazzo type granolithic material which will be a close match to the original granite plinth. A new spheroidal steel parapet is being manufactured which will replicate the original bronze parapet installed in 1935.

Queen Elizabeth Bridge Belfast

Monday 06 February 2012


Rhinoceros start work today on the blast cleaning and repainting of the Queen Elizabeth bridge in Belfast. The work is scheduled to be completed by early April in time for the centenary celebrations for the Titanic. The Titanic was built in Belfast not far from this bridge. The client is the DRD Roads Service and the principal contractor is Graham Structural Solutions. The naturally occurring mineral, Olivine, is being used as the blast abrasive to minimise any environmental risks. The bridge has been scaffolded and encapsulated by the main contractor to prevent any contamination of the environment. 

Monument Pedestrian Subways

Monday 28 November 2011

Rhinoceros started work today on a £1million contract to refurbish the pedestrian subways at Monument, looking towards London  Bridge. The subways were originally built in 1935-6 using Faience tiles made by Shaws of Darwen. Shaws are still in business and are making new tiles to match the original. All the original bronze signage and handrails will be repaired and repolished. The decorative parapets around each exit will be repaired, restored and repainted. New re-inforced concrete plinths will be built at exits 4 and 5. Exit 5 was badly damaged by a bus last year. The new plinth is designed to withstand vehicle impact and minimise possible injuries to pedestrians in the event of another such accident.

Kingsbridge, Swallowfield

Tuesday 01 November 2011



Kingsbridge completed 29 November.

"I hope this has not deterred your enthusiasm on the costing of this project and I am impressed with yourself and your site staff for professionalism in this project and I want to use you again hopefully next year.  Tom Sanderson, WSP Infrastructure/WokinghamHighways Alliance.

Kingsbridge, Swallowfield

Thursday 29 September 2011

Work started on this bridge today following the installation of a large 8m x 7m pontoon supplied by Work On Water.

This lightweight plastic construction was installed in one day and provides safe access to the underneath of the bridge.

Kingsbridge Blast Cleaning and Repainting

Thursday 08 September 2011

Rhinoceros Ltd have won a contract to blast clean and repaint Kingsbridge over the river Loddon in Berkshire. Paint coatings containing lead will be removed using International Paint Disbonder 634 eliminating any risk to both operatives and the environment.  Following removal of the existing coatings a dry blast to Sa2.5 will be carried out using Garnet for environmental reasons. The coating system will use International Paints to the Highways Agency specification.

Renewing Expansion Joint sealant in Retaining Walls

Monday 18 July 2011

Applying brick joint and Thioflex 600 polysulphide sealant to expansion joints in the Archway Road retaining walls London N1. Fosroc materials supplied by County Construction Chemicals.  A Better Streets project for Transport for London. "First class work from a true craftsman" Tony Cleary, Structures Supervisor for Ringway Jacobs.

Cleaning Retaining Walls Archway Road

Thursday 23 June 2011

Rhinoceros staff removing grime, algae and graffiti from 1500 sq metres of retaining walls on the A1 at Archway in north London.  An Anti-grafifti coating will be applied to the walls once dry.  Expansion joint sealant will be replaced and concrete repairs carried out all as part of Transport for London's Better Streets Initiative.

Shoreditch Anti-Flyposting

Saturday 11 June 2011

As part of Transport for London's Better Streets Programme Rhinoceros staff have completed the application of our Low Profile Anti-Flyposting system to 237 lamp columns, 254 sign posts and the rear of over 500 signs. This has resulted in a dramatic improvement of the street view on these busy roads; Great Eastern St, Old St, Shoreditch High St, Curtain Road and Commercial St, in London's busy east end. Rhinoceros ( formerly Clean Streets Ltd) has applied the Clean Streets anti-flyposting system to more than 105,000 pieces of street furniture across towns and cities in the United Kingdom.

Windmill Road Subway

Thursday 02 June 2011

Rhinoceros staff have completed the refurbishment of this equestrian underpass below the A3 in Roehampton. Defective timber rails replaced and all timber restored and given 3 coats Sikkens Cetol woodstain. Subway walls repaired and finished with PPG PSX 700 polysiloxane coating with excellent anti-graffiti properties. Posts prepared and finished with Sigmadur 550 BS 14C40. This work is part of Transport for London's Better Streets Programme.

International Paint Disbonder

Wednesday 11 May 2011

Using International Paint Disbonder Interplus 634 Rhinoceros operatives have successfully removed multiple coats of masonry  paints from subway walls beneath the A3 in Roehampton. 

Old Street Soffits

Wednesday 11 May 2011

The application of Low VOC gloss paint manufactured by H S Richards of Smethwick brightens up Old Street Station.

Windmill Road Subway

Thursday 28 April 2011

Rhinoceros complete the repair and repainting of parapet railings and timbers at Windmill Road Pedestrian and Equestrian subway. This work included the replacement of defective timber followed by sanding down to sound wood the existing timber rails, the stripping back to sound clean metal coating of all posts. All timber has been coated with 3 coats of Sikkens Cetol Woodstain which should last in excess of 7 years. Steel posts have been primed with Sigmacover 280 epoxy primer and finished with SigmaDur  550 two pack polyurethane in BS colour 14 C 40.

Old Street Soffits

Sunday 10 April 2011

Removing unsound paint back to a sound coating using International Interplus 634 Paint Disbonder. This material is non-hazardous, not harmful and contains no VOCs or solvents. Rhinoceros operatives have successfully removed 2-3 defective coatings of paint back to a sound coating from over 200 sq m of soffits at Old Street station London.

Windmill Road Subway

Friday 08 April 2011


Rhinoceros start work on the repair and refurbishment of a subway and bridlepath under the A3 at Roehampton Lane. This work includes the repair and refinishing of the hardwood railings. Concrete repairs and repainting including anti-graffiti coatings of the subway walls and soffits will be carried out. This work is part of Transport for London's Better Streets Programme.

Park Lane Subway Soffits

Friday 08 April 2011

Rhinoceros have completed the refurbishment of the subway under Park Lane at Curzon Gate.

This work included concrete repairs, replacement of expansion joint sealant and the installation of 5 new manhole covers. Finally the soffits have been cleaned and repainted using a low VOC gloss paint.

Tower Bridge Pedestrian Railings

Saturday 12 February 2011


Rhinoceros started work today on stripping and repainting over 550 metres of pedestrian guard railing along London's best known bridge.  This work, part of Transport for London's Better Streets Programme is the finishing touch to a complete blast clean and repainting of the whole bridge carried out by Pyeroy Ltd.

Park Lane Curzon Gate Subway

Saturday 05 February 2011

Continuing our work for Transport for London to upgrade all of the central London subways; Rhinoceros staff are replacing old heavy manhole covers with new three piece covers which are easier and safer for maintenance gangs to lift.  This job includes excavation to release the old frame, installation of the new frame and covers with screed to take the tiles. Finally new tiles are cut and laid to match the existing tiling lines.

Water Washable Anti-Graffiti System

Tuesday 01 February 2011


Rhinoceros have completed the removal of graffiti from and the application of Dacrylate's Marguard water washable anti-graffiti system to two road bridges within Derby Commercial Park. This work has been successfully completed despite the interruption caused by snow and very cold weather during December and January. We have also re-formed expansion joints and injected over 25 litres of Fosroc Thioflex 600 expansion joint sealant to complete the weather protection of the structure.

Water Washable Anti-Graffiti System

Friday 19 November 2010

Rhinoceros have won a contract today to remove over 150 sq metres of graffiti from a new bridge in Derby and to apply Dacrylate Paints' unique water washable graffiti coating to two new bridges. The bridges are located in Derby Commercial Park along Raynesway Park Drive.  The new anti-graffiti system allows the removal of graffiti by pressure washing with water. No harmful solvents are employed thus eliminating the release of additional VOC's.

Anti-Flyposting in Stirling

Friday 12 November 2010

Depsite wet and windy weather Rhinoceros staff completed the application of our anti-flyposting system to 61 cabinets in Stirling. A total of 207 cabinets have now been cleaned and coated with the anti-flyposting system. This has improved the appearance of this picturesque town and reduced cleaning costs incurred by the council in removing posters from cabinets every week. Rhinoceros are proud to be associated with this project which saves council tax payers money and improves the environment.

Kingsmere Subway Retaining Wall

Thursday 04 November 2010

Rhinoceros completed work today on two retaining walls on the northern approach to the Kingsmere Pedestrian Subway on the A3 at Tibbets Corner. These walls prevent the erosion of the bank into the drainage channels and footpath. In the past pedestrians, joggers and cyclists have been unable to use the subway due to flooding caused by blocked drainage channels. These walls will keep the subway open to the public and eliminate the costs previously incurred in cleaning out the drainage channels.

Anti-Flyposting in Stirling

Thursday 04 November 2010

Work starts today in Stirling to clean up and apply the original anti-flyposting system to over 50 utility cabinets. This brings the total number of cabinets cleaned and protected by this coating in Stirling to over 200. This project brings two key benefits to the people of Stirling. The first, clearly visible, is the enhanced appearance of the streets in this popular and picturesque town. The second, not so visible but, equally valuable to the residents is the reduction in cleaning costs incurred by the council to remove illegal fly-posters from utility cabinets. Rhinoceros is proud to be involved in these visible and financial benefits to the people of Stirling.

Anti-Flyposting In Manchester

Thursday 28 October 2010

Rhinoceros have won a contract with Peek Traffic Ltd to apply our anti-flyposting system to all new traffic light controllers installed by Peek for Manchester Urban Traffic Control. Rhinoceros (formerly Clean Streets Ltd) have worked for Manchester City Council's Urban Traffic Control Unit for over 15 years. We first applied the anti-flyposting system to controllers in manchester in 1993. We have coated over 1500 cabinets since then.

Bramley Road Westway Painting

Monday 04 October 2010

Today Rhinoceros completed the cleaning and painting of the soffits to the elevated section of the A40 Westway at Bramley and St Marks Roads in London W11. Following high pressure cleaning and minor concrete repairs two coats of Keim Lasur paint were applied by brush and roller using scissors lifts and a Genie G45 supplied by Nationwide. This is the second contract we have carried out for Urban Eye as project managers on behalf of the Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea and Transport for London.

Latchmere Road Chevrons

Sunday 19 September 2010

Rhinoceros completed the cleaning and repainting of chevrons on the retaining walls and pavements along Latchmere Road beneath a railway bridge. Due to congestion resulting from the closure of the Albert Bridge this work was carried out at night! A dramatic improvement to the visual aspect of this road for  road users, pedestrians and residents and a big contribution to safety along this busy road for drivers and pedestrians.

9 Bridges Parapets completed for Hampshire County Council

Monday 23 August 2010


Rhinoceros ICATS trained operatives completed the stripping and repainting of bridge parapets on 9 bridges across the county today. All previous coatings were removed by hand and mechanical abrading without blast cleaning and without contamination of the environment. Five coats of International Interseal 670 and Interthane 990 paints were applied by brush, HA items 115,116 and 168. Final dft readings were 350-400 microns, ensuring a loing life for these coatings. The works has been completed within budget and ahead of schedule. The paint inspector and client, (HCC) are very pleased with the high standard of workmanship achieved. This is the second contract we have completed for Hampshire County Council.

Hampshire Bridges

Friday 23 July 2010

Rhinoceros have completed the stripping and repainting of parapets on three bridges.

Friarsgate in Winchester,  Solent Road in Havant and New Wharf Briddge in Aldershot.

We are on schedule to complete all 9 bridges by the end of August. 

Paints to HA specification are supplied by International Paints Ltd.  Contracts Manager and operatives are ICATS trained in surface preparation and application of epoxy paint systems.

Rhinoceros Ltd is certified for corrosion protection of ferrous materials on highway structures Sector Scheme 19A and ISO9001 Quality Management Systems.

Sector 19A + ISO 9001 Certification

Thursday 08 July 2010

Today RHINOCEROS LTD achieved certification to ISO9001:2008 and to the National Highways Sector Scheme 19A for corrosion control of highways structures. Auditors from LRQA granted the draft certificate today following a comprehensive audit of our management system and a site visit to inspect surface preparation in progress on a bridge in Hampshire. This certificate is the result of several years hard work and the diligence of Rhinoceros staff in developing and then applying the management procedures required. This process has been supported and encouraged by our customers particularly Transport for London, Edinburgh City Council and Hampshire County Council.

Hampshire Bridge Parapets

Tuesday 06 July 2010

Rhinoceros started work today on two bridges for Hampshire County Council.

These bridges, are Friarsgate in Winchester and New Wharf Bridge in Aldershot.

All of the previous coatings will be removed using vacuum assisted tools to prevent any contamination of the rivers and environment.  The coating system used is to HA specification comprising items 115, 116 and 168. The paint manufactuer is International Paints Ltd.  The contract is for the complete stripping, surface preparation and repainting of parapets at 9 bridges or subways throughout Hampshire.  Hampshire County Council awarded this contract to Rhinoceros Ltd as a result of the excellent work we carried out last year on 12 bridges with which HCC were extremely pleased. The works will be completed by the end of August 2010.

Nottingham Tram Pole Remedial Painting

Monday 05 July 2010

Rhinoceros completed the remedial painting of 33 overhead powerline poles on the Nottingham Express Tramways line to Station Street. The work was completed within 18 nights as programmed. Our operatives worked from self propelled booms supplied by Nationwide Access Hire. We removed all of the existing failed coatings and prepared the surface to clean metal coating. The new coating system using Dacrylate Paints consisted of T-wash etch primer, Epidac 2 HB high build epoxy aluminium primer, Epidac 2 HB epoxy undercoat followed by Marguard Easyclean AGS a high solids two pack polysiloxane finish in NET silver.

Nottingham Tram

Wednesday 30 June 2010

Rhinoceros started work on 14 June.  The original coating system has failed on the 10m galvanised steel power line supporting poles. We are removing the existing coatings with a methylene chloride based paint stripper. This eliminates contamination of the environment and operatives from dust. Once cleaned down to clean metal coating we applied a T-wash. This is followed by a high build aluminium primer HA item 115 from Dacrylate Paints of Nottingham. The undercoat is HA item 116 high build epoxy undercoat also by Dacrylate. The finish coating in NET Silver is a polysiloxane AGS coating manufactured by Dacrylate Paints.

Archway Tube Station

Monday 31 May 2010

Rhinoceros complete the refurbishment of the retaining walls outside Archway Tube Station. A new capping was cast for the walls, spalled concrete and cracks were repaired using epoxy HB40 cement. All previous coatings and graffiti were removed and surfaces were pressure washed. A two pack epoxy primer Amerlock2/400 was first applied to all surfaces. This was followed by two coats of PPG's PSX700 a high performance polysiloxane coating with exceptional anti-graffiti properties. The colour is the same light blue used at the Imax and other recently re-furbished subways. The handrails were stripped and refinished in a light silver two pack polyurethane paint Amercoat 450S.

RHINOCEROS win Westway Painting Contract

Monday 24 May 2010

Urban Eye confirmed today that Rhinoceros Ltd are to carry out the painting of two more sections of the elevated A-40 Westway at St Marks Road and Bramley Road. In 2007 Rhinoceros carried out the painting of the Portobello Road, Thorpe Close and Ladbroke Grove to acclaim from residents, the local authority, the Royal Boroughs of Kensington & Chelsea and officials from Transport for London. The paint system is Keim Concretal Lasur and is approved for this use by the Highways Agency.

RHINOCEROS win contract to paint parapets on 9 Bridges in Hampshire

Friday 21 May 2010

Having completed 12 bridges last summer for Hampshire County Council and winning praise for our high standard of workmanship, environmental protection and safe working methods, we have won another contract this year. The task is to remove all existing coatings while preventing any contamination of the rivers or environment. We will use mechanical and manual abrasion tools aided by a paint disbonder supplied by International Paints Ltd. The coating system will be HA 115, 116 and 168. 

RHINOCEROS win Nottingham Tram Painting Contract

Thursday 29 April 2010

Nottingham Express Tramways today awarded a painting contract to us. The task is to completely remove a failed coating system from 34 10 metre power line poles along one section of the tramway in central Nottingham. Following surface preparation an etch primer will be applied to the galvanised steel poles. The coating system supplied by Dacrylate Paints will be one coat of epoxy aluminium primer (item 115), one coat of high build epoxy undercoat (item 116) and one coat of Dacrylate Easy Clean Anti Graffiti system which is a high performance clear two pack polysiloxane coating. 

Site Management Safety Training Scheme

Thursday 22 April 2010

Lubomir Mahut and Mark Gennery two of our experienced site managers have completed the comprehensive 5 day Construction Site Manager's course and were today awarded the Construction Site Manager's Safety Certificate. We now have 5 managers who have completed this course and are ensuring that Rhinoceros personnel are working safely every day.

Archway Tube Station

Monday 01 March 2010

Rhinoceros win a contract from Ringway Jacobs to refurbish the retaining walls outside this underground station in north London. This project is jointly funded by Transport for London and the London Borough of Islington. The work is part of TfL's major upgrade of underground stations on the oldest of London's Underground lines, the Northern Line.

Aldgate Place

Saturday 20 February 2010



Rhinoceros win praise from Tishman Speyer UK and Ringway Jacobs for completing the new pedestrian subway at Aldgate Place two weeks ahead of schedule. Ringway Jacobs Senior Structures Manager, Tony Cleary and Transport for London Supervising Engineer, David Preece both complimented Rhinoceros staff and operatives for their high standard of workmanship and organisational skills resulting in the early completion of this project.

ICATS Training Completions

Tuesday 16 February 2010

Four Rhinoceros operatives completed their ICATS training this month. Petar Danchev, Diyan Penev, Zhivko Velihkov and Damyan Kuteterov have completed the comprehensive Industrial Coating Applicator's Training Scheme course. Their evaluation papers have been sent off to Correx, the administrating body of the ICATS scheme. We expect the men to receive their well deserved certificates in a few weeks. Rhinoceros is proud to be one of the sustaining members of ICATS and we expect more of our staff to complete this training in the future.

Rhinoceros on TV News

Thursday 11 February 2010

Rhinoceros operatives painting lamp columns for Skanska in Surrey were surprised to see the lamp columns they were painting on the television news one evening last month. It turns out that these lamp columns have been fitted with a new high tech smart street lights which only come on when conditions require. The project is expected to reduce carbon emissions by up to 60,000 tons and to save Surrey tax payers some £12 million over the next 25 years. Rhinoceros are proud to be working on a project which saves money, improves the environment and contributes to better road safety for drivers and pedestrians.

Anti-Flyposting in Stirling

Friday 05 February 2010


Earlier this month Stirling City Council awarded Rhinoceros their third contract to clean 70 utility cabinets and apply the original Anti-Flyposting Coating System to these cabinets. This will almost complete a project by Stirling City Council to Stamp out fly-posting and to protect all utility cabinets with the Anti-Flyposting System.

Tishmann Speyer

Monday 04 January 2010

Rhinoceros win a contract to construct a pedestrian subway for Tishman Speyer UK at Aldgate. This subway will serve two 21 storey office towers Tishman are building on this site at Aldgate. The subway connects with the recently refurbished underground station at Aldgate East. Rhinoceros were also involved in this work, refurbishing the south east entrance. Rhinoceros are proud to b e associated with Tishman Speyer who are one of the largest developers of real estate in the world.

SMSTS Training

Friday 11 December 2009

Rhinoceros senior contracts manager, Keith Jebbitt, and contracts managers, Lloyd Muir, and Dimitar Danchev, attend and complete the Construction Site Managers Safety Training Course run by AMSS in Rayne run by our H & S consultants. All three passed the exam and now hold the Construction Site Managers Safety Certificate.

Lochend and Restalrig Bridges

Friday 04 December 2009

Rhinoceros win a contract to blast clean and repaint two road bridges over a dis-used railway line in Edinburgh near Lochend. The contract, for Edinburgh City Council is the third to have been awarded by ECC to Rhinoceros in just over 2 years. ECC said they were very pleased with the way in which Rhinoceros carry out these contracts and particularly the high standard of workmanship.

Hampshire Bridges

Tuesday 08 September 2009


Rhinoceros managers and operatives are commended by Hampshire County Council for completing the repainting of 12 bridge parapets on time, within budget and without causing any contamination to the environment. The council said that it had received a number of compliments from residents on the hard working professionalism of the Rhinoceros staff. Highways Dept staff also said that they appreciated the no-nonsense direct communication and honest approach to the work displayed by Rhinoceros Managers.

Hampshire Bridges

Wednesday 15 July 2009


Using a combination of mechanical and manual methods and with the assistance of a paint disbonder manufactured by International Paints Rhinoceros operatives have won praise from Hampshire CC, the Environment Agency and local wildlife lovers for the measures taken to protect Hampshire rivers and wildlife habitats from the potential risks posed by this type of work.


Tuesday 30 June 2009


We use the black rhino for our name, so here at rhinoceros we decided to show our appreciation for such a strong, iconic creature by offering our support to Etna, the black rhino. While we charge around UK cleaning and maintaining, Etna charges around her lovely paddock in Kent!
We help to support Etna, who was born at Durr Kralove Zoo in the Czech Republic and arrived in Port Lymne in 1995. The wonderful news of her first calf Tana was followed by more celebration as she is now the proud mother of a second male calf, Grumeti, he is now 18 months old and is growing up under his mother's watchful eye! Tana has since been released into the reserve in South Africa, the native home of the black rhino.
Although you might see us working on the streets, you certainly won’t see Etna there; she is very well looked after at her home in Kent. We hope Etna continues to benefit from our support, and will keep us updated on her progress!

Hampshire Bridges

Monday 08 June 2009


In June 2009 Rhinoceros Ltd won a contract to repair and paint parapets to 12 bridges for Hampshire County Council. Most of the bridges were over the River Test and its tributaries, one of the most important trout and salmon fishing rivers in England. The task was to remove all of the existing coatings and clean the steel to the standard Sa21/2 without contaminating either the water courses or surrounding wildlife habitats with dust and harmful debris from paint stripping and preparation processes.

In June 2009 Rhinoceros Ltd won a contract to repair and paint parapets to 12 bridges for Hampshire County Council. Most of the bridges were over the River Test and its tributaries, one of the most important trout and salmon fishing rivers in England. The task was to remove all of the existing coatings and clean the steel to the standard Sa21/2 without contaminating either the water courses or surrounding wildlife habitats with dust and harmful debris from paint stripping and preparation processes.

Aldgate Stairs Re-Vamp

Monday 20 April 2009

RHINOCEROS recently refurbished the stairs at the East entrance to the Aldgate subway system. After putting in new tiles hand rails along with refurbishing the actual steps the entrance is much improved, as can be seen in the before and after photos (right).

The client was delighted with the work:
I would very much like to pass on my thanks for an excellent job recently carried out to complete the revamp of the stair case to Aldgate East Station. The staircase was completed on time and to a very high standard. Many Thanks for everyone's effort. Brian Sugrue, Transport for London

Sector 19A QMS Stage 1 Passed!

Wednesday 25 February 2009

RHINOCEROS has passed the first stage assessment by LRQA towards certification of our Quality Management System for Highways Sector 19A contracts. Below are some of the things the auditor said about us.

The general layout of the QMS and its documentation of it is considered to be very sound, and if the issues raised are addressed and sufficient objective evidence of it being worked as planned provided, then certification at stage 2 is achievable. The Quality Policy is well written and gives clear indication of the company’s intent.
The Company has an ICATS trainer, and has detailed how inspection by ICorr level 1 trained personnel is addressed. Document control requirements for ISO9001:2000 and NHSS19A are addressed in the procedures for control of documents and records.

We are continuing to develop and improve the QMS and are confident we will pass the stage two assessment in the summer and achieve full certification later this year. Meanwhile we are continuing to train our men on the ICATS modules in blast cleaning, surface preparation and paint application.

We are actively reviewing our supply chain to ensure the quality of materials and plant purchased and particularly exploring opportunities for cost savings on raw materials, machinery and plant hire. We intend to be able to deliver a blast cleaning and painting service which is innovative, cost effective and of a very high standard. We can reduce costs and road or lane closure times for the client.

Fully Certified Quality Systems Manager

Tuesday 09 December 2008

Mr Danchev is now qualified to manage the RHINOCEROS Quality Management System satisfying the requirements of UKHSS19A Maintenance Painting of Highway Structures. Mr. Danchev will be responsible for training personnel and supervising internal audits

The reputation, success, growth and future prosperity of the company, and all who work within it, is directly related to how closely we can meet or exceed customer expectations and requirements.
Duncan J MacLean, Managing Director

TiO2 Self Cleaning Panels at Blackfriars Underpass

Monday 30 June 2008

In January this year we put got permission to put up test panels on both sides of the road at the western end of the Blackfriars Underpass, London. These test panels were covered one half in our TiO2 Nano-Coating and the other half left uncoated.

Shown right is what these panels looked like less than 4 months after we put them up. The left hand side is uncoated, and the right hand side is coated in photocatalytic TiO2 - need we say more?

This demonstrates just one of the amazing properties of these coatings - just imagine the the saving in cleaning costs for just about anything to which you apply these coatings! To find out more about these coatings please go to Why Should I Use TiO2 Nano-coatings?

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