We use the black rhino for our name, so here at rhinoceros we decided to show our appreciation for such a strong, iconic creature by offering our support to Etna, the black rhino. While we charge around UK cleaning and maintaining, Etna charges around her lovely paddock in Kent!
We help to support Etna, who was born at Durr Kralove Zoo in the Czech Republic and arrived in Port Lymne in 1995. The wonderful news of her first calf Tana was followed by more celebration as she is now the proud mother of a second male calf, Grumeti, he is now 18 months old and is growing up under his mother's watchful eye! Tana has since been released into the reserve in South Africa, the native home of the black rhino.
Although you might see us working on the streets, you certainly won’t see Etna there; she is very well looked after at her home in Kent. We hope Etna continues to benefit from our support, and will keep us updated on her progress!

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